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Air Conditioning

The earth that we are living is getting so warmer that makes air conditions were adopting in more and more nowadays.

Air conditioning refers to the use of heat source equipment installed in a single location of the building, and the AHU is the heart of central air conditioning. Blauberg fans collect outdoor air and indoor air, filters remove dust and other particles from the collected air, deliver cooled/heated water to the air handling unit, and send it to the room for cooling/heating.

Medium/large buildings can install chiller and AHU combinations, while small and medium-sized buildings can use VRF and AHU combinations.

Not only for people living and working spaces that requests indoor temperature comfortable and stable, but also for equipment, especially for electronic controlled intelligent commercial and industrial equipment that’s operating in an electronic components endurable enclosed spaces to guarantee reliable performance.

Generally, CUP chipset and Mosfet is most important heat source. The better smarter, the more heat created and dissipated into the atmosphere as one of global warming impetus.

Solutions for air Air Conditioning

At BLAUBERG, we stand out as a premier supplier in the air conditioning industry, specializing in advanced air ventilation and purification solutions. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our innovative aerodynamic engineering systems, which not only prioritize optimal performance but also focus on providing creative solutions to reduce our customers’ operating and maintenance costs. With EC motor power reaching up to a maximum of 1320W, we can drive axial and centrifugal impellers with a maximum diameter of 710mm. Tailoring to our customers’ technological needs, our EC motors’ software programs enable fans to operate at constant speeds and maintain consistent airflow through a closed-loop feedback system circuit. We offer optional external connecting devices, including integrated PID controllers, thermal speed control sensors with power supply, and RS485 Modbus interfaces for remote monitoring, program updates, and diagnostics.

Through meticulous analysis of actual operation and maintenance costs throughout the entire life cycle of our indoor ventilation fans, we have demonstrated that our commercial automatic ventilation fans are not only technologically advanced but also present ideal solutions for air ventilation in diverse applications. Trust BLAUBERG to provide the cutting-edge solutions needed to meet and exceed market requirements for efficient and cost-effective air conditioning solutions.

Blauberg EC motors and fans were popularly adopted by below Mechanical Equipments and Systems’sub-units and systems:

-Fan Coil Unit of Central Air Condition System
-AHU(Air Handling Units) in Commercial and Industrial Buildings
-Evaporative Condenser
-Heat Pump: Water Heat Source, Ground Heat Source and Atmosphere Air Heat Source
-HVAC Partial Cooling and Warming System
-Air Doors and Air Curtains
-Heat Exchangers
-Telecom Precision Air-Conditioning Units
-AHUs in Telecom and Cloud Server Data Center
-Telecom Server Colling
-Air Heaters
-Cooling Tower

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