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Cloud Date Center

Data Center is a globally collaborative network of specific devices used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate and store data information on the Internet infrastructure.Most of the electronic components in the data center are driven by low DC power supply.

The development of 5G has been a hot topic in the telecommunications industry in recent years, and the integration of 5G systems is also the focus of operator deployment. This requires improving the performance of data centers, IT applications, and related technologies, and the operation of these machines will bring more heat. Correspondingly, the ventilation and cooling technology of telecommunications cabinets must naturally keep pace with this rhythm. Blauberg fans are very suitable for the heat dissipation conditions of the Date Center industry. Generally, a cooling fan is installed on the top of the cabinet, which can forcibly dissipate heat from the equipment inside the cabinet. For some cabinets with very large heat dissipation capacity, if the cooling fan cannot meet the heat dissipation requirements, an air wall or a cooling air conditioner can be installed on the side of the cabinet to dissipate heat from the equipment inside the cabinet, comprehensively protecting the safety of the equipment.

The emergence of data center has led people’s understanding from a quantitative and structural world to an uncertain and unstructured world. It will gradually become a part of modern social infrastructure like transportation and network communication, and then have a positive impact on many industries. Data center is a strategic resource as important as human resources and natural resources. In the data center industry in the information age, only by large-scale and flexible use of data can we better understand and use data, promote the rapid and efficient development of the data center industry, and reflect the great wisdom of human development.

The generation of massive data has also led to an important change in the collection and processing of information data. Enterprises have also moved from entity services to data services. The demands and concerns of the industry have also changed. The focus of enterprises have shifted to data. The computer industry has changed from the pursuit of computing power to data processing power. The software industry will also change from programming to data. The dominance of cloud computing will also change from analysis to service.

Solutions for Cloud Date Center

At the heart of Cloud Data Center efficiency lies Blauberg’s cutting-edge solutions featuring advanced EC motors and fans. Our state-of-the-art EC motors, with a peak power of 1320W, drive axial and centrifugal impellers with a maximum diameter of 710mm. In the realm of Cloud Data Centers, where precision and reliability are paramount, Blauberg’s products set a new standard. Engineered for seamless integration, our fans are equipped with customizable software programs that ensure constant speed and airflow regulation through an intricate closed-loop feedback system circuit. Offering adaptability to diverse setups, our products come with optional external devices, including integrated PID controllers, thermal speed control sensors with power supply, and RS485 Modbus interfaces for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Blauberg’s EC motors and fans redefine the benchmarks of efficiency and performance in the Cloud Data Center domain, providing technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for the ever-evolving needs of this dynamic industry.

Blauberg EC motors and fans were popularly adopted by below Data Center heat-sinking sub-units and systems:

-Free Cooling System
-Air Conditioner
-Central Air-conditioning, VRV, HVAC
-Precision Air Conditioner, DC Variable Frequency, CRAC
-Humidifier and Dehumidifier
-Indoor AHU, CRAH
-Inline Fans
-Heat Exchanger
-Wind Wall, Fan Wall
-Server In-row Cooling
-Base Station Cooling
-Chiller and Condenser Dry Cooler
-Cooling Tower

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