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Cold Storage and Cold Chain

Cold storage is a method to preserve the frozen food under the cold storage temperature (often above the freezing point).

Especially for fruits and vegetables, it is mainly to delay their life metabolism and maintain their freshness.Generally, the refrigeration temperature is – 1 ℃ ~ 8 ℃.

The cold storage with this temperature is often called high-temperature cold storage. By reducing the rate of biochemical reactions and changes caused by microorganisms, refrigeration can prolong the shelf life of fresh food and processed products.

Cooling fan as a kind of cold storage evaporator. The cooling fan is the equipment that outputs the cooling capacity in the refrigeration system, mainly composed of cooling coil and axial fan. The axial fan of the cooling fan is responsible for the forced convection circulation of the cold storage fan and the air in the cold storage through the forced action to achieve the purpose of cold storage refrigeration. Cold storage fan is mostly a complete set of equipment consisting of axial flow fan and cooling ducts. Cooling fan according to the way used to cool the air can be divided into dry, wet and mixed dry and wet three. Among them, the refrigerant or refrigerant carrier in the flow of the exhaust pipe, through the wall of the tube to cool the air outside the tube is called dry chiller; to spray the refrigerant carrier liquid directly and the air for heat exchange, called wet chiller; hybrid chiller in addition to cooling the exhaust pipe, there is a refrigerant carrier spray device.

Blauberg motor and fan, as a professional cooling fan manufacturer and supplier, we provide high quality cooling fans and motors that can meet your cold storage and cold chain needs.

For most foods, cold storage can not prevent food from spoilage as can storage, dehydration or frozen storage, but can only slow down the deterioration speed of food. Therefore, it is actually a storage technology with relatively weak effect. However, not all foods can prolong the shelf life under cold storage conditions. For example, some tropical and subtropical fruits and some vegetables will suffer from chilling injury if stored at 3 ~ 10 ℃ above their freezing point, and the aging rate of bread will accelerate at low temperature.

Cold Chain refers to certain food raw materials, processed food or semi-finished products, special biological products and drugs. After being purchased, processed and inactivated, all links of cold chain are always in the specific low-temperature environment necessary for products in the process of product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and use, so as to reduce loss and prevent pollution and deterioration, so as to ensure food safety, biological safety Special supply chain system for drug safety.

Solutions for Cold Storage and Cold Chain

In the realm of Cold Storage and Cold Chain logistics, BLAUBERG emerges as a leader, providing innovative solutions that safeguard the integrity of temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain. Our product range is meticulously designed to meet the unique challenges of cold storage, ensuring precise temperature control and reliability. At the core of our offerings are the Blauberg EC motors and fans, engineered to excel in low-temperature environments. With a peak power of 1320W, our EC motors drive axial and centrifugal impellers up to a diameter of 710mm, ensuring efficient air circulation within cold storage facilities. These motors feature customizable software programs, allowing for precise control over speed and airflow through a sophisticated closed-loop feedback system circuit. BLAUBERG is committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that not only maintain the cold chain but also optimize energy efficiency, ensuring the safe and reliable storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Partner with us for cutting-edge technology that preserves the quality and integrity of your cold storage and cold chain operations.

Blauberg EC fans was popularly adopted by below cold storage and cold chain sub-units and systems: 

-Bottle coolers
-Beverage/Drink Machines
-Refrigeration Freezer Cabinets and Units
-Walk-in Refrigerator, Cold Storage System
-Precooling, Refrigeration and Preservation System & Units
-Mobile Storage and Low-temperature Sorting System & Units
-Refrigerated Container
-Cold storage Box
-Dry Ice Refrigerator

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