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Energy-saving & Intelligent Retrofitting

Ventilation fan driven by an electric motor rotates the air blades to drive the airflow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air conditioning appliances. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of the internal ventilation fan is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust the temperature, humidity and achieve the effect of air circulation. Ventilair fan is widely used in homes and public places.

There are three main customer demands for fans in the field of ventilation: Energy efficiency, adaptive self-regulation control ability according to load changes, and flexibility to meet the variety of application needs of customers.
BLAUBERG as an industry leader in air purification fan fans and motors, offers a complete range of axial flow fans and motors for ventilation.

Traditionally, AC motor is usually used as fan impeller driving device that have many advantages of EC technology are becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Over KW three-phase AC asynchronous motor has satisfactory efficiency in full loading operation, but the efficiency of single-phase or less than KW three-phase motor cannot meet the requirements. AC motors also need to use frequency converters to control speed, which will cause power loss, and additional filtering is required to protect sensitive motor bearings. Using frequency converter to drive asynchronous motor with partial load often produces noise, which makes the motor hum.

BLAUBERG EC(Electronically Commutated) motor adopted DC brushless circuit engine driving principle. It has integrated electronics controller that is convenience to be controlled at maximum efficiency up to 90%. The EC motor could quietly rotate, even if it is operating no at full-loading performance point. Ventilation and purification industries commonly request that fans and relative products that could be controlled by integrated electronic device and manipulated by software program, besides wireless access necessary.

Solutions for Energy-saving & Intelligent Retrofitting

In the era of Energy-saving and Intelligent Retrofitting, BLAUBERG leads the way with innovative solutions that seamlessly blend efficiency, sustainability, and intelligent control. Our product range is tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses seeking to optimize energy consumption and enhance operational intelligence. Central to our offerings is the integration of Blauberg’s advanced EC motors and fans, specifically designed for retrofitting applications. With a peak power of 1320W, these EC motors efficiently drive axial and centrifugal impellers, providing optimal airflow and ventilation. Featuring customizable software programs, our motors enable precise control over speed and airflow through sophisticated closed-loop feedback system circuits. At BLAUBERG, we are committed to transforming existing infrastructures into energy-efficient and intelligent systems. Our solutions not only reduce environmental impact but also empower businesses to make data-driven decisions for enhanced operational performance. Embrace the future of Energy-saving and Intelligent Retrofitting with BLAUBERG – where innovation meets sustainability.

Our indoor ventilation fans have a wide range of applications in ventilation technology.

It was adopted generally by following ventilation and purification sub-units and systems:

-Air Handling Unit(AHU)
-Central Ventilation Units
-Decentralized Ventilation Units
-Single Room Ventilation Duct Fan Unit
-Under-floor Ventilation System
-VAV, a damper control system for Variable-Air-Volume air handling system
-Roof Fan
-Wet Room Ventilaiton
-Harvest Storerooms
-Green Houses
-Livestock Farming
-Vertical HVAC Independent System
-Recycling Water Cooling Fan Chiller
-ERV, Energy Recovery Ventilation ,single-room heat recovery ventilation units, centralized with ducts system and de-centralized with wall-mounting
-UV-resistant Negative Pressure Medical Purification Bin, Cabinet, Temporary Mobile Cabin Hospital
-Inlet Air Filter Units
-Household Air Purifier
-Clean Room FFU, Fan Filter Units
-EFU, Equipment Fan Filter Units
-Ventilation Fan Wall

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