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Mechanical Equipment

There are many kinds of mechanical equipment. When the mechanical equipment is running, some of its components and even itself can carry out different forms of mechanical movement. Mechanical equipment consists of driving device, speed change device, transmission device, working device, braking device, protective device, lubrication system, cooling system, etc.

The heat dissipating motor has always been linked to mechanical equipment in various industries. During operation, the machine generates a lot of heat between parts. In order to maximize the surface area of its contact with surrounding cooling media (such as air) and achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, a Blauberg fan can be used. The mechanical arm is equipped with a heat dissipating tooth shape design at the joint of the shell, and an axial flow fan is installed on the outer side of the mechanical arm shell, and a cover plate is added for the air duct design, Transfer the heat generated by the mechanical equipment to the external air, allowing the temperature of the equipment to be adjusted.

In order to ensure that the mechanical equipment is always in good technical condition and can be put into operation at any time, reduce the failure downtime, improve the mechanical integrity and utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the machinery, and reduce the mechanical operation and maintenance costs, energy-saving intelligent motors and fans are being more and more used in mechanical equipments and systems.

The power unit of mechanical equipment mainly comes from the motor driven by AC power supply. When the motor is started, the current will be 5~6 times higher than the rated value, which will not only affect the service life of the motor but also consume more power. Energy saving, intelligent speed regulation and remote feedback system shall be fully considered in motor selection during design. In this case, through the application of EC motor, the soft start of the motor can be realized, the energy-saving speed regulation can be achieved by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and the equipment can be provided with overcurrent, overvoltage, overloading and other protection functions.

Solutions for Mechanical Equipment

At the forefront of innovative solutions in the Mechanical Equipment industry, Blauberg stands out with its cutting-edge EC motors and fans. Our state-of-the-art EC motors, boasting a maximum power of 1320W, drive axial and centrifugal impellers up to a substantial diameter of 710mm. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our fans are not just a ventilation solution; they are a testament to our commitment to advancing mechanical equipment technologies. With customizable software programs, our EC motors enable constant speed and airflow regulation through a sophisticated closed-loop feedback system circuit. For seamless integration into diverse mechanical setups, we offer optional external devices, including integrated PID controllers, thermal speed control sensors with power supply, and RS485 Modbus interfaces for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Blauberg’s EC motors and fans redefine the standards of efficiency and performance in the Mechanical Equipment field, offering solutions that are both technologically advanced and cost-effective.

Blauberg EC motors and fans were popularly adopted by below Mechanical Equipments and Systems’sub-units and systems: 

-Control Cabinet
-Mechanical Arm
-VAV, a damper control system for Variable-Air-Volume air handling system
-Switch cabinet
-Heat Pump: water source, ground source and air source heat pumps
-Solar inverter
-Exhaust Air Systems
-Paint Shop
-Climate Management System
-Intralogistics, Conveyor, Transportation and Palletizing Systems
-Medical Imaging Systems, Dialysis Machines and Operating Tables
-Agricultural Machinery
-Heavy Mining Machinery
-Construction Machinery
-Petrochemical General Machinery
-Electrical Machinery
-Machine Tool
-Instrument and Apparatus
-Basic Machinery
-Packaging Machinery
-Environmental Protection Machinery

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