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Air conditioning system components

Air conditioning system components: blowers, EC fans, backward curved fans, and centrifugal fans.The component of the Condenser air conditioning system, Blauberg fan is appropriate for condenser. may quickly transfer the heat inside the tube to the air around it. several of the vehicle was parked in front of the water storage tank. The machine that changes vapor or gas into liquid. cooling water and other forms of condensation can be used to categorize air conditioners. and air cooling, and they can be classified into different types based on its intended function. Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration. Regardless of the components, it is comprised primarily of the following parts.

Condenser cleaning
1. To check whether the compressor belt is good, if there is a “squeak” noise when starting the air conditioning, that the belt skid is serious, should be replaced in time with the belt and pulley; If the belt is too loose, it will affect the refrigeration of the air conditioner.

2. Every year, we should replace the filter screen of the air conditioner. The filter screen is often stained with various dust impurities, which will not only affect the air, but also may produce odor. 4, The car is used for more than two years to do the evaporation box cleaning, evaporation box is located under the wiper, every time open air conditioning, dust bacteria easily contaminated on the evaporation box, so it is best to have the cleaning function of foam cleaning agent.

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