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Blauberg Backward Centrifugal Fan

Blauberg Backward Centrifugal Fan have a backward-curving impeller and a small EC motor that is fastened and inserted. The unpowered ventilator utilizes the air heat convection brought on by the natural wind and to for the turbine to rotate, the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor must exist, centrifugal force and the negative pressure effect are used to expel the stale indoor hot air.

The bearing component vibrates relatively little when the fan first turns on, however with the the fan’s dust will become unevenly stuck to the blades as the operation period is prolonged. Destroying the fan’s dynamic equilibrium gradually. When the vibration approaches the maximum permissible value , The fan must be stopped for maintenance.

The following are the standard techniques for disposing of impeller ash: The bellow induced draft fan is briefly turned off, the ash on the fan blade is manually removed. then recommenced. The operation is no longer affected by the general circumstances, although it is challenging to remove the ash from the blade, particularly those that are glued into The impeller needs to be changed frequently due to silt. There is no other use for this technique.

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