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Blauberg EC Fans’ Technical Features Overview

1.EC Fans’Technical Features Overview
Blauberg series EC (Electronically Commuted) Fans combine interactively external motor technology, integrated electronic control circuit and aerodynamic design of fan impeller that satisfied customers’ requirements in different applications and industries by innovative air-moving solutions. We are pursuing Ultra-low Energy Consumption fans by extremely compact brushless permanent magnet synchronous external rotor motor to drive various of aerodynamic optimized impeller and scroll-housing types and sizes: diagonal axial, backward and forward curved centrifugal, radial, single inlet and dual inlet blower.
Impeller Sizes: from minimum 108mm to 500mm diameter;
Maximum Maximum Sound Level: from 60dBA to Maximum 93dBA according different rotation speed;
Airflow: Maximum to 3,943CFM, Cubic Meter per Minute,
Air Pressure: Maxim to 1,000Pa, equal to 101.97mm H2O and to 4.01 inches H2O;
Power: Maximum motor input power goes to 700W (equal to 0.95hp, horsepower) at motor diameter 102mm.
2.Eco-friendly EC Motor Technology Introduction

● Variable Speed Setting by 0~10V DC or PWM signal input;
● AC(1~ or 3~phase) public power grid supply connects to motor directly without transformer, voltage stabilizer with silicon rectifier; no surge current by soft-start and PFC circuit integrated;
● Motor efficiency goes up to Maximum 91% for energy-saving and emissions-reducing;
● Low noise by sine wave 3-core brushless commutation motor design with oblique magnetization;
● Always rotation in the correct direction;
● Operating at either 50Hz and 60Hz;
● Operating at a wide voltage range
115 V ~230 V AC 1~;
380 V AC 3~;
● Operating temperature rise is much cooler in electric motors for longer lifespan;

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