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Blauberg fans in Heating

Although what we see every day in various media is the concern of global warming, the vast and high latitude areas from the north of the Tropic of cancer to the north and south poles in the north and south hemispheres are still long and cold in winter, and the indoor temperature reaches more than 20 degrees Celsius, which is still a necessary condition to ensure people’s survival and normal work, production and life. Wood, fossil energy (coal, oil), electricity, natural gas, shale gas and other traditional energy sources are still widely used in heating industry. Hydrogen and ground heat, as the most environmentally friendly heating resources, account for very little of people’s total heating energy in winter; The existence of other heating energy sources continues to make global warming, and the emission of Freon continues to expand the destruction of the ozone layer. After combustion, a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other toxic and harmful gases are emitted, which runs counter to the carbon neutralization cause of the community of human destiny. The application of BLAUBERG EC fan in heating products helps customers further improve the heat conversion efficiency of new energy heating products such as clean energy and bioenergy, reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of carbon and other substances harmful to the environment. Our EC fans are being used by more and more customers in their heating products.

BLAUBERG EC fans was popularly adopted by below heating sub-units and systems:

-Heat Pump

-Hybrid Systems

-Electrical Heating

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