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Blauberg fans in Medical Industry

EC technology is everywhere inside of a doctor’s clinic or a hospital, BLAUBERG fans and motors are part of the long-term care guarantee in various applications of products, devices and equipment in medical industry. Whether in operating room, treatment room or laboratory, it is very important for devices to operate quietly, quickly responsive and reliably.
BLAUBERG pays special attention to EC motor and fan technology, which enables us to maintain a competitive advantage. Moreover, our engineers are familiar with the high demand of the medical industry – our products must meet the stringent medical standards (e.g. health standards) of various applications, there is still room for continuously improving development.
We supply motors and fans that was adopted in the computed tomography (CT) and provided professional solutions for respiratory equipment:
-Incubator for premature infants
– Ventilation of Operating Table and Operating Room
– CT(Computed Tomography) Equipment
– X-ray Equipment Heat Sink
– Dialysis Device; Hemodialysis System
– Endoscope
– Rehabilitation Devices
– Emergency Respiratory Equipment
– Laboratory and Analytical Equipment

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