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Blauberg Medical Blowers device industry has a wide range of applications for motor products, including all kinds of testing machinery and surgical machinery, which cannot be separated from the participation of motor. In particular, the participation of ultrasonic motor for medical devices makes the rotation speed of medical devices uniform, stable and noiseless. Ultrasonic motor is widely used in medical instruments: it is mainly used in CT non-magnetic slide table, CT non-magnetic water cooling, non-magnetic brain knife, rehabilitation instruments, implantable human body instruments, portable instruments, etc.
Micromotor products have low noise, infinitely variable speed, start-stop integration, power off self-locking, high and low temperature resistance.

There are three basic requirements for motors for medical devices: 1. In terms of speed, continuous changes are required with the voltage signal, and its output also needs to be continuous 2. Torque is controlled by a controller 3, small size, high precision, wide power range, especially small power.

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