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Centrifugal Fan Storing Environment

If the centrifugal fan is not used in a short time, it needs to be stored in a proper environment so that it can play a better role the next time. The requirements of storing a centrifugal fan are demanding, if the fan is stored in an improper place, it will be serious affect for normal using.
First, it’s necessary to ensure that the environment and the surface of the fan are both clean, and there should be no debris in and out of the air outlet. Dust and other debris in the tube should be wiped regularly. Before stored, it is important to confirm some details, including whether the centrifugal fan switches and trips, whether the shell is charged, whether there is an abnormal sound, and whether the motor is seriously heated, etc. Maintenance inspection should be carried out in time.
Second, it is also necessary to regularly replenish the bearing or replace the lubricating grease, to ensure that the centrifugal fan is well lubricated and plays a role in preventing corrosion.

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