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Blauberg is a Germany Brand EC(Electronically Commutated) brushless motor manufacturing and technology consulting company offering an extensive range of EC motors, EC fan and intelligent ventilation solutions for air-moving precisely and constantly with maintenance-free throughout the life cycle of products in last decades.

Our R&D and technical support team committed to combine interactively external motor technology, integrated electronic control circuit and aerodynamic design of fan impeller that satisfied customers’requirements in different applications by innovative fan solutions, with leading experiment equipments, meters, tools in laboratory for motor reliability and fan air performance testing. We are pursuing extremely compact brushless permanent magnet synchronous external rotor motor to drive various impeller types and sizes: diagonal axial, backward and forward curved centrifugal, radial, single inlet and dual inlet blower, from minimum 108mm to 500mm diameter with airflow Maximum to 3,943CMH cubic meter per hour (equal to approx. 3,943CFM cubic feet per minutes). Maximum motor input power goes to 950W (equal to 2 horsepower) at rotor diameter 102mm.

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