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Fan Controller -Modbus

The fan controller is an external modbus controller, which can realize single control and multiple centralized control. The controller has a buit-in Mod-bus communication protoclo to control the operation of the fan through the group control system. It is mostly used in FFU group control occasions. Blauberg All AC and EC Fans Matching.
The controller controls the fan speed through speed feedback, and uses the principle of speed closed -loop control to control the fan operation. Its main functions are:
(1)Control the start and stop and speed regulation of each fan through the host;
(2) Remote centralized control and fault diagnosis can be realized;
(3) Each control unit module has a settable ID address;
(4) The current speed and current ID number can be displayed;
(5) With alarm function;
The controller is powered by the fan without external power supply,the controller is equipped with 2P and 4P quick connect terminals foe connection, making the connection simpler and more convenient. The product is designed as a panel installation method, which is convenient for installation and construction.

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