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Household Electric Appliances

Home appliances (HEA) mainly refer to various electrical and electronic appliances used in homes and similar places. Also known as civil appliances, household appliances. Household appliances liberate people from the heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, create a more comfortable and beautiful living and working environment for human beings, which is more conducive to physical and mental health, provide rich and colorful cultural and entertainment conditions, and have become a necessity of modern family life. The scope of household appliances varies from country to country. There is no unified classification of household appliances in the world. Some countries list lighting appliances as a category of household appliances, audio-visual appliances as entertainment appliances, and entertainment appliances also include electric and electronic toys.
Entering the new century, the household appliance industry, as one of the supporting industries of the national economy, has put forward higher requirements for energy saving and intelligent control for the application of motor and fan products. On the basis of existing motor and fan technologies, BLAUBERG has accumulated a lot, actively responded to new changes in the home appliance industry, and continuously developed new products for customers. New products have made explorations and breakthroughs in technology applications in key technical fields such as energy conservation, intelligent control, recyclable new materials, low-frequency noise reduction, electrical safety, mechanical safety, standby power consumption, complete isolation, Internet of things cloud service system, etc., which are embedded in all aspects of daily life and become an important part of our lives.
BLAUBERG EC motors and EC fans were popularly adopted by below household electric appliances’ sub-units and systems:
-Extractor Hoods: T-shape and Conner Hoods, Island and Ceiling Hoods; Head Free and Vertical Hoods; Build-in Hoods; Telescopic Downdraft Hoods;
-Clean Electrical Appliances, Sweeping Robot
-Ovens and Cooktops
-Refrigerators and Freezers
-Electric Heater
-Convection Ovens
-Tunnel Ovens
-Commercial Dryers
-Commercial Dishwashers

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