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IT & Electronic Industry Applications

Blauberg centrifugal fan are suitable for IT & Electronic Industry.Telecommunication and Electronic Industry are pillar industries of national economy that was rapidly growing in last three decades, and, that is still prosperous status in coming decades. Energy Efficient, compact size with extremely higher performance output by most innovative motor and fan technology are tendency of Telecommunication and Electronic Industries where customers’ projects have desperately demands on air moving system to manage complex cooling tasks to guarantee reliable operation at different climatic zones and regions in worldwide. BLAUBERG EC motors and fans experienced tough reliability and survivability testing in development procedures for: moisture, dust, water, salt fog, temperature fluctuation and acid, alkaline/caustic corrosion resistant and endurance. Online remote speed and rotation directive and early alarm functions are necessary to have for customer oriented system manipulation convenience to satisfy prompt after-sales service within lower operation and maintenance costs.
BLAUBERG DC fans was popularly adopted by below IT & electronic industry sub-units and systems:
-Hardware Enclosures and Cabinets
-Routers and Servers Mainframes
-Mainframe Clusters
-Air to Air Heat Exchangers
-Precision DC Air Conditioners
-Free Cooling System of Outdoor Telecom Equipment Shelters
-Clean Room, FFU, EFU Units.

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