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What Is The Difference Between Axial And Centrifugal Fans?

What is a Centrifugal Fan?

Centrifugal fans, also known as blowers, are equipped with a motor designed to draw air from the surrounding environment and expel cold air. Due to their adaptability and low maintenance, they are a reliable technology, making them popular in both business and home Settings. Applications for centrifugal fans vary, including their use in air conditioning, computer cooling, and dryers during car washes. They are a popular design with high static efficiency that produces consistent levels.

What ia an Axial Fan?

Axial fans have a long history, originating in medieval windmill designs before the addition of an electric motor in the 19th century. The axial fan has a low voltage output and can be in different sizes. Axial fans can be used for ventilation, cooling machinery and rooms. They are also used in hovercraft, generators and compression equipment. They exist in both business and domestic Settings. Like a centrifugal fan, the fan wheel and motor of an axial fan are enclosed in a housing.

Difference Between Axial Fan And Centrifugal Fan

The biggest difference between centrifugal fans and axial fans is their blade Angle. The blades of the centrifugal fan will be oriented in different directions to meet different flow and pressure purposes. Centrifugal fans can produce high pressure air flow according to the Angle distribution of the fan blades. Instead, axial fans have blades aligned with the shaft, which provides a greater low-pressure airflow.
In addition, axial fans tend to be lighter than centrifugal fans due to the low pressure output. Centrifugal fans, especially those that bend backwards, have a higher air pressure, making them heavier and have a stronger housing. What’s more, the lighter and smaller construction of axial fans means that in some cases, they are cheaper than centrifugal fans.
Finally, the design of axial fans means that they are much noisier than centrifugal fans. Depending on the size and application, some axial fans require silencers to reduce the noise they produce. This is different from centrifugal fans, which are quieter and do not require any noise reduction equipment.

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