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Blaunerg tangential blowers combine 30~80mm diameter cross flow impeller with one single piece length maximum to 65mm, with AC and DC power supply EC green technology motor, with aluminum die cast fan frame, with anti-vibration rubber damping pad system, with ball bearing and sleeve bearing, maximum entire tangential fan length goes up to 1190mm at single, double and triple sections harmoniously connected together makes it possible to achieve a very high airflow throughput ratio with extremely low wind noise with quiet three-core sin-wave integrated commutation electronics motor controller circuit and low air flow velocity. Cross flow blowers are available for home indoor stove, fireplace, oven, wood burner underfloor convectors, air doors, air curtains, air conditioners and heaters’ cooling and ventilation at extremely shallow, flat design to satisfy home appliances’ nice outlooking and slim features that market requirements and consumer calling for. Low noise with high air flow rates and low back pressures, compact slim design with anti-vibration rubber mechanical soft connection system, moisture proof and water proof versions are available for entire range tangential blowers with integrated and intelligence EC technology motor with PWM signal and 0~10V analog voltage to adjust power, and ErP2015 (Energy-related Products) directive conformity.

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